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       山东青岛久隆设备厂对外设备售前、售中、售后服务承诺,接受您的垂询或组织专题技术研讨会,对用户设备要求进行研讨。为您提供详尽的“设备保障建议书”,包括 1 、设备样本; 2 、国内外相关设备 技术支持,相关同行厂家产品优缺点比较; 3 、 GMP 工艺设计,厂房水电布置图; 4 、机械设备工艺设计; 5 、相关产品配置、备件、包装及售后服务。

       1 、时刻与您保持联系,邀请客户到公司考察,监督生产装配。

       2 、样机设备说明书,档案卡及跟踪卡等相关软件,随时接受您的验收。

       3 、定期及时向用户了解生产进行情况。


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       1《采用进口侍服电机驱动,运作平稳准确 》

       2《使用进口人机界面,旋转圈数和角度可任意设定,精度极高 》

       3《可根据工件大小更换不同转盘,活动锁模方式操作方便快捷 》


Spin-melting plastic welding is the heat generated by the friction of plastic workpieces, which melts the contact surface of the plastic workpieces. The upper and lower workpieces are rotated and solidified by external pressure and drive. The positioning spin-melting is rotated at a set time. It stops at the set position instantly, becomes a permanent fusion, and achieves the ideal water-tight effect.

The main features of product welding: the time-controlled ability of the rotary welding machine is suitable for the welding of plastic materials such as dehydration joints, engine filter cups, filters, ice cups, and tubular or round objects made of PS, PE, PP, PET, nylon, etc. Welding. High technology of fusion plastic products without adding flux, adhesive or its creation aids. Its advantage is to increase the productivity by multiple times, reduce the cost and improve the product quality.

Mainly used for welding various plastic parts:

IC precision control circuit, automatic overload protection system;

Use digital code fine control switch, 1/100 accurate setting;

Four-point balance adjustment, easy to adjust the welding head;

Japanese original NTK transducer (vibrator), power output is stronger than peers;

There is resonance at no load and no load, no need to adjust the welding head frequency;

Rectangular column and cylinder are optional, guide bearing, precise fine adjustment;

Use turbine rotation to easily adjust the stroke of the fuselage, which solves the adjustment drawbacks of conventional machines;

Japan's ace alloy steel variable spokes, strong and stable sound waves;

Self-installed welding mold workshop, using American Aerospace 7075, 6064 aluminum alloy material, durable;

Using original electronic components from various factories in Italy, Japan, the United States, South Korea, Germany, etc., the performance is excellent and reliable.

Shandong Qingdao Jiulong Equipment Factory promises to accept your inquiries or organize special technical seminars to discuss user equipment requirements before, during and after external equipment sales. Provide you with a detailed "equipment guarantee proposal", including 1. Equipment samples; 2. Technical support for relevant equipment at home and abroad, and comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of related manufacturers' products; 3. GMP process design, plant water and electricity layout drawings; 4. Mechanical equipment Process design; 5. Related product configuration, spare parts, packaging and after-sales service.

1. Keep in touch with you at all times, invite customers to inspect the company and supervise production and assembly.

2. Prototype equipment manuals, file cards and tracking cards and other related software are subject to your acceptance at any time.

3. Regularly and timely learn about the production progress from users.

※Shandong Qingdao Jiulong Machinery factory after-sales guarantee mechanism:

 The company’s equipment is guaranteed for one year and has lifetime service. After-sales service website, hotline and fax are opened for you 24 hours. Domestic customers basically keep arriving at the designated location within 12 hours.

The equipment of our factory is self-produced, and the stock of commonly used spare parts is sufficient for a long time, vulnerable and consumable parts and important accessories are guaranteed to respond to customers during the guarantee time.

Regularly return visits to each user who uses it, not less than twice a year, and record the equipment file records.

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Scope of application

Insulation cups, RO filter cores, oil filter cups, carburetors, vases, hot water tanks, insulation cups, filter cores, oil filters, thermos bottle air bladder spray joints and other products must be welded with water and airtight products.

Features of this machine:

1 "Imported servo motor drive, stable and accurate operation"

2 "Using imported man-machine interface, the number of rotations and angles can be set arbitrarily, with extremely high accuracy.

3 "Different turntables can be replaced according to the size of the workpiece, and the movable clamping mode is convenient and quick to operate. "

4 "Using PLC core control, safe and reliable work"